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Filled with data nerds and outdoor fans, the komoot team enables modern explorers to do what they do best: get active outdoors.


Senior Backend Engineer

Aleks discovered his passion for technology and sports through the curiosity over his friends gaming consoles. From that he has now a diverse collection of past and present hobbies, including basketball, skateboarding, surfing, capoeira, skiing, ski-touring and road biking, which also lead him from the outskirts of Berlin around the world. At the same time his curiosity for tech quickly grew away from gaming to building, understanding and evolving complex software systems. Living in Karlsruhe with his wife and two boys, he's enjoying the northern black forest and Rhine valley on his bike as much as he can while also trying to attend to a newly acquired allotment garden.

Senior Backend Engineer

Born and raised in the small town of Rotenburg an der Fulda in the center of Germany, Alex meanwhile happily lives in Leipzig with his wife and their cat. He loves being outside at least as much as coding, which is what brought him to Komoot. He holds a master's degree in Data & Web Engineering and has a soft spot for backend development, software architecture, Linux, and open source. He is a big fan of music and bicycles, has a small collection of different bikes, and especially enjoys transporting things and traveling with them. Maybe inspired by the farming stories of his grandmother from times gone by, Alex recently discovered his passion for gardening where he currently specializes in tasty tomatoes.

Customer Support Manager

Ana was born and raised in a small town in southern Austria, surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes. From a young age, Ana loved the outdoors and spent much time outside and especially enjoyed hiking and biking. Being curious at heart, she also spent quite some time traveling and living abroad. While growing up within her family's events venue she learnt to love helping and serving customers. At komoot, Ana is supporting our outdoor adventurers to help them realise their goals and dreams in being part of the Customer Support team.

Senior Community Manager

Raised in the city of Milan, Andrea is always searching for great outdoors activities to escape the city bustle, most of the time on his bike. Cycling is an essential part of Andrea’s life - from commuting to training and travel. With his strong passion for mountains, he loves to explore the Alps, no matter the season.

Senior Finance Manager

Andrew was born, grew up and studied in the UK, but has lived in Germany for over 30 years now. An accountant by training and trade, he has worked for various German, UK, American, and Chinese companies… but tries to remain pragmatic, despite the pen-pushing image of accountants.

Customer Support Manager

Anja grew up in South Germany surrounded by fields, forests and vineyards. She is an avid lover of the great outdoors and spends as much time as possible in nature. She’s always been an adventurer and has travelled to many beautiful places across the globe. Since 2014 she is working on building a children’s home in Kenya, and therefore spends some time living in the middle of nature, in a tiny mud hut in the heart of Kenya. At komoot, Anja is part of the Customer Support Team and ensures first-class customer experience for outdoor lovers.

Community Manager - DACH Hiking

Never not outdoors. That’s Anne. With a true passion for sports she loves trail running, to hike, cycle, climb but also contemporary dance can be count to her essential movements. Not born and raised in the mountains, she must have gotten those mountain genes running through her veins even though she calls the German lowlands her home. To inspire others to just move and explore whatever surrounds and excites them, is her goal. Working as a project manager the last 4 years, she raised awareness for the topic of inclusion in sports, brought light into prejudice about disability in general and about sports with handicap in particular. For her it’s a matter of heart that diversity in sports should be natural.

Senior Android Developer

Anton was born and grew up in the warm weather of Cuba. After starting a second life in Europe, he initiated a lengthy walk in user interfaces development, first in advertising agencies doing Flash, later Xamarin, iOS, and finally Android. He loves cycling and enjoys reading books about old Giro epics battles, but after many tries to become an average sportive person, deep inside admits dancing is his natural territory. He usually lives in Madrid but spends months in a small fisher town in Málaga, missing the Caribbean sea.

Senior Android Developer

Arne was born and raised in Berlin. He studied applied informatics at HTW Berlin and FU Berlin. Early on, Arne was fascinated with Android development and fell in love immediately. He joined komoot in 2012.

Senior iOS Developer

Barbara is a Systems Engineer with a background in Social Sciences, she’s been working in Apple platforms since 2010. She likes new challenges and learning, motivated by her highly curious personality. She also loves cooking and travelling. Up to now, she has discovered 50 countries. She’s a lot into “slow-biking”, packing the bike with all kind of stuff and enjoying a good ride through the country fields or along the water. Barbara lives in Berlin since 2014.

Senior Web Developer

Born in a small town in Oregon, Ben grew up in a valley where he would fish, hike, ski, and mountain bike. An adventurous nerd, he itched for travel and left his town to explore the world and learn languages. When he’s not building things with code, Ben enjoys video games, cooking, learning about nature, or biking around southern France on his folding bike.

Senior iOS Developer

Based in East Sussex in the UK, Ben discovered a love for running during the pandemic and hasn't stopped since. Can usually be found pounding the pavements (or trails) around the hills of South East England. He recently ran his first London marathon and promised himself he'd never do it again but has since signed up for next year. When he's not coding or running Ben enjoys travelling, hiking, house renovations and the occasional zoo trip with his animal obsessed toddler.

Director of Business Development

Ben was born and raised in the UK, but has lived and breathed the outdoors for many years. He has lived in the Canadian coastal mountains and the French Alps. He currently lives in the mountain mecca of Morzine, where he spends his free time chasing his two young children and wife around the local peaks. He keeps busy by climbing many of the 4000-metre peaks in the Alps on foot or on skis (searching for powder) and takes every opportunity to explore new routes by bikes of any form. He completed his MEng in nanotechnology at the University of Leeds and his MBA at the University of Bath.

Senior Partnership Manager

Born and raised in the Tyrolean Alps, Betty pretty much did every sport one can do on, around and even under a mountain. She is working with komoot since late 2016, started out as an Editing Intern and now takes care of Marketing Partnerships with some Social Media, Copy, Content Marketing and Community Management adventures along the way. Berlin is her home of choice and she is always out and about cycling, trail running and traveling to the Alps and the sea, whenever possible.

Senior Community Manager

Calixta grew up in a nature- and mountain-loving family in Germany. After traveling around the world, she moved to Innsbruck for her studies and to live out her passion for the outdoors. In the mountains she is in her comfort zone and her greatest passion is mountain bike mountaineering – reaching hidden peaks with her bike on her back. To connect her passion for the outdoors with her professional life she has worked in the outdoors industry and as a mountain bike guide. Calixta is excited to encourage other people to find beauty in the small things and explore the world together with the Komoot team.

Cycling Community Manager NL/BE

Carola is a true Dutchie and grew up on a farm in the flatlands of the Netherlands. It’s therefore obvious that she loves cycling. After competing at an elite level she truly found the joy in cycling by going on gravel and mountain bike adventures with friends. After studying Business and HRM studies she started working in the cycling industry in sports marketing and events. Though not living in the mountains Carola loves to go there for cycling, hiking or skiing holidays. When not being on the bike, she likes a little bit of competition in playing tennis. Carola wants to inspire everyone to go outside, ride their bike and enjoy the outdoors.

Content Manager ADV Hub

Catherine was lucky to grow up in Cape Town, South Africa, surrounded by mountains and the sea. As beautiful as the city is though, it’s small. After studying a media & writing degree she decided she wanted to see a little more of the world, so she set off for South America where she backpacked, hitchhiked and worked her way around for nearly two years. Finally she made her way to London where she likes seeking out good coffee, strolling along the canals and planning her next wild-camping trip.

Payroll and Benefits Manager

Originally from Brittany where he grew up by the sea, Cédric lived in Paris for 5 years where he finished his studies with a specialization in Compensation & Benefits. Since 2020, he enjoys living in Belgium. When he's not at the computer using spreadsheets, you'll probably find him on a running track, somewhere in the mountains with his road bike, or on a train to his next destination....

Managing Editor

After a few years studying and working across the UK, the US, Switzerland and India, Chloé moved to the French Alps where she enjoys spending time out in the mountains. Trail running, backpacking, cycling and backcountry skiing are among her favorites, but pitch her any adventure outdoors and she’ll be in - as long as there’s a good ratio of physical effort, great views and cheese-based fuelling. When she’s not out on some trail, you can find her playing jazz, cooking, eating cheese, or enjoying a game of backgammon.

Customer Support Lead

Chris’ journey started in Germany but he found his true home when he relocated to the scenic greens of West Cork, Ireland at a young age. Amidst picturesque cliffs, mountains and sea shores, it was only a matter of time until he developed a sense of adventure. He is a big fan of hiking and camping, but found his passion in climbing. From crags to corporate, Chris is a people manager who sharpens his problem-solving mind over games of chess while frequent travels broaden his cultural perspective. Most recently he dedicated some time to exploring Spanish towns, cities and countryside with his favourite location being the climber’s paradise of El Chorro.

Senior iOS Developer

Born and raised in the Eifel region in Germany, Chris discovered his passion for mountain biking in the lower mountain range. Looking for bigger hills, he moved to the sunny city of Freiburg, where he finished his Bachelor´s degree in Software Engineering, followed by a Masters degree in Data-Science in the alpine microcountry Liechtenstein. When not on his bike or running through the black forest, you will find him working on apps to solve everyday problems.

Co-Founder, Backend & Data

Though an Austrian at heart, Christoph also feels comfortable in the international and diverse city of Berlin. He studied physics and has a great passion for coding and tech innovations. Christoph loves to crack the hardest nuts as much as getting endorphins going by running in Grunewald.

Senior Security Engineer

Being born in winter in a small village located in the rural north-western part of Germany - the legendary Emsland - Christoph became a nature-loving adventurer in his early years already. The only things needed for him to become happy are his trekking boots, a tent and temperatures around or below 0 degrees. After taking the adventure of fighting through the urban forests of big cities for graduation, he finally found the way back to his home village. Being someone who always strives to find his own paths around or into something, he got dragged into the dark side of bits and bytes, becoming a security engineer with a heavy focus on Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics and Incident Response. If you do not find him in the Darknet fighting black-hats, you may search him on a heavy metal festival anywhere in the world - wearing trekking boots in front of his tent.

Co-Founder, Clients

Daniel is a tech and nature enthusiast who wrote his first computer program in the 90s. After studying computer science and working in the south of Germany, he came to Berlin to start working at komoot. During weekends and vacations, Daniel is conquering the world on bicycle and likes to go on hiking tours.

Senior Partner Marketing Manager

As a Sr. Partnership Marketing Manager, Daniela looks after Connected Device Partnerships globally at komoot. She has a background in Ad-Tech, Tourism and Digital Marketing and loves to work on products and technologies she’s passionate about. As a “typical komoot user”, she’s into most outdoor activities and adventures, preferably in the mountains. That’s why after 10 years abroad, she’s back in Austria, to explore her new old home around Vienna, while also enjoying the perks of remote work. She occasionally spends winter in the Alps to follow her passion for skiing, touring and snowboarding, or in the Canaries for an extended road bike season and some bike-packing across the islands.

Senior Quality Assurance

Born in Cluj-Napoca, a big city in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, Daniela started working as a QA Engineer in the gaming industry after changing her career path from clinical psychology to IT. Her journey took her to Gibraltar, and the Costa del Sol in Spain, where she spent around 5 years working in online gaming. Then she moved back home to Romania to be closer to family for a while. She realised after enjoying a few decades of city life, that she finds herself more and more drawn to the rustic beauty of the mountain countryside. She dreams of building a little house at the edge of a forest by a river and hopes to enjoy many cool summers, camping with friends and family, hiking mountainside trails and riding bikes on dirt country roads.

Senior Sales & Partnerships Manager

In recent years, I have lived in Bochum, Berlin, Cologne, and Bulgaria. During the summer months, you can find me in a small fishing village in Bulgaria at the foothills of the Balkan Mountains. I am passionate about off-the-beaten-path hiking in remote areas, whether in Brandenburg forests or in remote areas in the Balkans, and I like to link them to obscure or abandoned places. In my free time, I enjoy sports, especially bodyweight training, stand-up paddling, and racquet sports. In my professional life, I have mainly worked in the clothing industry and for a large hotel booking portal.

Senior Sales and Partnership Manager France/BENELUX

Having lived in Paris, Toulouse, Barcelona, Taiwan and New York, Diane loves to be on the move. She always has a project in mind that often includes traveling and adventure, however yoga keeps her grounded. Tech enthusiast and outdoor addict, when she’s not looking for new business partners, you’ll find her practicing her handstands in her favorite yoga studio in Paris or hiking in the Pyrenees.

Senior Product Designer

Dmytro grew up in an industrial Ukrainian city. Back when the Internet was still wild, he began experimenting with web design and development. After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering, he dove deep into interface design for all kinds of electronic devices—from video game consoles to smartphones. When he is not in the office, Dima explores new places by bike and makes videos about his new adventures.

Product Designer

Originally from Sussex, Ellen now lives in London with her partner and four quails. Having always loved design, she began her journey in graphic design before jumping into the world of user experience, looking to make a real impact on how technology benefits people. She also found a love of cycle touring after spending 4 months riding solo from the UK to Slovenia on a whim, discovering all sorts of interesting places and camping along the way. Preferring to be on a bike for exploration over training, her motto is “here for a good time, not a fast time”.

Senior Backend Engineer

Emil comes from Baia Mare, a small, picturesque town in northern Romania. He loves both outdoors and technology and that is what brought him to komoot. His first programming experience was with a ZX Spectrum clone. Emil is a down to earth guy, but in his spare time you will find him flying over the mountains of Maramures.

Senior Product Designer

Enrico grew up in Milan, moved to London to study Human-Computer Interaction and eventually settled in Berlin. Once a psychologist, he found his true calling in user experience design after observing the ever-growing influence of technology on human behaviour. Once a city kid, Enrico first got into outdoor sports on a 300km cycling trip from Berlin to Poland. Despite sucking at it and injuring his left knee in the process, he fell in love with cycling. These days, he’s on his bicycle as much as he can be, on long rides in nature, either solo or with his cycling buddies.

Senior Backend Engineer

Born and raised in the Parisian region, with a penchant for both computers and nature alike. After living for three years in California where my love of the outdoors grew even further, I settled in the Basque country where I split my time between programming, baking, losing at chess and hiking in the Pyrénées.

Senior Marketing Manager DACH

Born and raised at Lake Constance where the Alps begin, Eva’s love for the outdoors started early. You can find her cycling, running, hiking, climbing or snowboarding. She is happiest when starting on a trip with her VW camper van and her gravel bike on the rack. Eva has been working for brands in the outdoor industry for more than 10 years and gets excited about sharing adventures and the passion for any outdoor activity.

Senior Web Developer

Evan was raised in Thuringia, the green heart of Germany. While studying communication electronics he started experimenting with web programming. Besides programming, Evan loves to work with real stuff like wood. When he's not handcrafting something he customizes his randonneur. Passionate about hard work, Evan travels around the world exploring new routes on his bike.

SEO Manager

Felix lives in Bucharest, Romania. During college, he became an Seo enthusiast and this is also when he created and optimized the first websites. Ever since, he has been involved in Seo and anything related to online marketing. Whenever he is not working, you'll probably find him on a tennis court, where he'll hit the ball as hard as he can, imagining he is Roger Federer :) . He loves traveling, the outdoors and also enjoys hiking and biking.

Senior Sales & Partnerships Manager (Italy & Spain)

Born in an “Italo-French” family Fiorenza grew up in the western Italian Alps. She is an outdoor enthusiast engineer and a hiking guide who has always been pushed forward by the eagerness to explore, travel and discover new adventures. Her passions include hiking and sport climbing, but also cycling and sailing. Her main playgrounds are the alpine valleys around Monviso, and the Mediterranean sea which she likes to explore with a sailing boat during summer time. Her ideal holiday consists of sailing around a mediterranean island searching for new bouldering spots, hiking paths or any other adventurous way to explore.

Senior iOS Developer

Originally from the South of Belgium (yes Belgium has a South), he moved to Liège, then Montreal, then Paris and is now back near Liège in a little village next to a river. He tries to act interested when his colleagues talk about cycling but he's much more of a hiker himself. He loves cooking, reading, watching TV Shows (have you seen Severance?!), trying to meditate and meeting people.

Senior Android Developer

Friederike grew up in the beautiful Palatinate Forest area in the southwest of Germany naturally inheriting a love for hiking the woods. Autumn is her favourite time of the year when the rolling hills and vineyards turn colourful and hiking is combined with collecting chestnuts for family dinner. After studying Media Computer Science she moved to Berlin and brought casual games to mobile phones. Years later, whilst living in the southeast of England (side note- she actually loves the weather there) she started focussing on health and wellbeing-related apps and products before moving back to Berlin in 2022. When she is not coding, she explores the outdoors with her young family and a round of board games in the evening.

Content Producer

Gaby is based in rural Somerset in the UK. She’s an ex professional road rider who now looks for adventure where the tarmac ends. Gaby spent 6 years living high in the French mountains running fitness holidays in the summer & ski operations in the winter. This is where she fell in love with cycling but also climbing, snowboarding & hiking. When having a rest day Gaby enjoys to cook, sew and drink coffee with friends. She’s motivated by getting more people outside, exploring their local area as well as further afield which is why she has joined Komoot.

Senior Community Manager - UK Hiking

Grace is originally from Yorkshire but has spent a lot of time travelling the world and has lived in 5 different countries. Currently living in Wales and excited to explore more of the UK on foot, paddleboard or in her semi converted van! She loves anything adventurous and you’ll usually find her outdoors. Her main passion is hiking and she has been running hiking meetups for a few years to get more people outdoors and show them how amazing it is!

Marketing Director Community

Ian spent his youth exploring Kent by bike and tried most sports at least once. He now cycles as a way to escape London and find some headspace. Having found his calling, Ian has worked in the cycling industry for 5 years and in sports marketing for nearly 10. He is a believer in the power of sport and is motivated to bring people together to share their adventures, wherever they are.

Senior Backend Engineer

Igor was born and raised in eastern Slovakia, where he started to love both programming and spending time in nature. He spent his university years at CTU in Prague. Afterwards, he decided for a new experience and moved to Munich, where he made a great decision to buy his first mountain bike to discover the beauty of mountain biking and start exploring the gorgeous Bavarian (Pre)Alps. Igor currently lives in Augsburg with his family, and in his off-work time, you can usually find him biking in the forest or with his two sons on a pump track in the nearby bike park. He decided to join Komoot to bring his love for outdoor adventures and technology together.

Senior Software Quality Assurance

Born and raised in Moldova, Ion moved to Dublin, Ireland where he fell in love with the evergreen country. While growing up he practiced different sports like judo, volleyball, and table tennis but now is enjoying running and cycling with a dream to complete an Ironman one day and to run at every Major Marathon. On a day off he likes to travel, explore new coffee shops, and read.

Business Development Director Travel

An upper austrian girl living in Germany since the end of 2007. Iris grew up in a pretty flat part of Austria but got pretty obsessed about the mountains when she was studying international business in Innsbruck. Iris is a fan of trying any sports, so you can find her windsurfing on Wannsee, hiking in the Alps, playing squash in Friedrichshain and when she is not exhausted… so on.

Senior Community Manager

Growing up in the urban jungle of Frankfurt, Isabel always had a passion for movement. Once a Parkour addict, she eventually swapped urban landscapes and her sneakers for rocks, a harness and climbing shoes. Having transitioned to working in the outdoor industry, she’s become passionate about rock-climbing, trail-running and hiking, but has found her true calling with road cycling. Spending every spare minute on the bike, she especially enjoys sharing long rides with friends or going on multi-day gravel adventures. Isabel has lived in various places across Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands and Vietnam, but now settled in the mountains close to Innsbruck.

Senior Android Developer

James lives in the UK, and has a fascination of all things Android. From a young age he has always been interested in electronical equipment - destroying his father’s radios and elevator parts (he was a lift engineer) by taking them apart to see how they were made - with the intent of putting them together again that never seemed to work out quite right. Nowadays he spends most of his free time exploring nature with his wife and 5 children.

Co-Founder, Backend

Our nordic geo ambassador joined komoot with long hair, a linux thinkpad and encryption keys in his hand. Scaling his love for penguins, he is now orchestrating a fluid system of servers and resources in the cloud. From solid java patterns to api functions, he is one of the most wanted persons in the company. When its windy you will find him racing with his longboard and surf sail over the tempelhof airfield.

Managing Editor – Sponsored Collections

Jesko was born, raised and learned to ride a bike in the Taunus hills of Germany. After competing in various self-supported long-distance races all over Europe, he wanted to give something back to the community and created a thousand kilometer long route in the hills he grew up in. Taunus Bikepacking has since evolved into a popular annual bikepacking event, which he is still running with the help of friends and family. Besides riding bikes, Jesko is passionate about writing and showing people that adventure can be found anywhere, even right in front of your doorstep.

Brand Director

Jim is all about design, bikes and family. Originating out of the UK, his extensive career in the sports and outdoor industries has allowed him to see the world, learn from the best and understand the value in life experiences.

Senior Backend Engineer

Joe was born and raised in the sprawling metropolis of London yet also spent time every year deep in the Welsh valleys. In a drystone house devoid of electricity and hours away from anything, running around the forest in wellies climbing trees was all there really was to do for an energetic child - but it spawned in him a healthy love of the outdoors. He went on to study computer science (perhaps scarred from being repeatedly separated from electronics in his youth) and then began a career in software engineering. Working in a range of domains from TV, to healthtech, to opensource ML - he somehow found himself in Berlin, where he has now lived for almost 5 years. Joe loves to build and restore bicycles, sew bike bags and gear, and sometimes actually manage to go bikepacking! In his free time he also enjoys playing guitar, cooking, watching old movies, listening to history podcasts and generally messing around in the workshop he constructed in his hallway.

Senior Product Designer

Growing up in Finland gave Johanna a taste for the outdoors life from an early age, with summers spent swimming in the lakes or hunting for blueberries in the forest, and winters filled with cross-country skiing. Fascinated by all things design related, Johanna set off to study at Leeds University in the sunny north of England, picking up a love of Yorkshire pudding and a serious tea habit in the process. A love of traveling eventually led Johanna to her current home in Berlin where she is still obsessed with design and lives to plan her next hiking trip.

Senior Web Developer

Johannes moved to Berlin to study computer science and since then he’s been building web applications of all kinds while drinking way too much coffee. When he’s not sitting in front of a monitor, he enjoys climbing and bouldering, hiking, snowboarding, riding his bike or just being outside. He loves being with friends and in the mountains.

Co-Founder, Product

Raised in the Alps and obsessed with programming since his teenage years, Jonas loves the outdoors. While studying in Berlin, he teamed up with some friends and developed the idea for komoot and its early versions. When he's not at the computer he's out exploring on his bike or catamaran.

Community Manager - Global

Half British, half Danish, and particularly grateful for that second passport post-Brexit. From a background in music, Jonathan stumbled into the cycling industry via a rather long detour: a 50,000km cycle around the world. He lives in his hometown London, and enjoys the delicate balance between urban-life and adventure, regardless of whether the destination is somewhere local or far flung. Jonathan is passionate about inspiring others to explore outside of their comfort zone, and has been fortunate enough to spend the last few years working in the outdoor industry helping to facilitate adventures.

Senior B2B Communications Manager

Born and raised by the German Baltic Sea outdoor experiences like collecting berries and amber belonged to Jördis‘ childhood. When she moved to the Rhine Main Region cycling and hiking gained importance and she re-discovered the picking of and cooking with edible wild plants which transport the taste of the region. Her curiosity towards people and her passion for moving stories led her, professionally, into PR and communications. She has worked for various international companies, where she developed and implemented integrated strategies to reach the right audience.

Senior Backend Engineer

Jørgen lives in rural Norway about 1.5 hours northeast of Oslo. With a background in computer and systems engineering, he is passionate about understanding how a solution can generate value and then dive in to implementing it. In his spare time, he is an active trail runner and enjoys exploring new locations.

Senior Backend Engineer

James grew up in the English countryside before moving North to the bustling city of Leeds to study Computing, and has recently settled in the Yorkshire hills of Wharfedale. He's been a programmer for over 15 years and joined Komoot to combine his love of coding and outdoor adventures. Outside of work, you can find him mountain biking, walking, bikepacking, reading, or listening to a podcast (usually about programming). He loves how bikes bring people together and put smiles on their faces.

Brand Designer

Jonas left grey Germany to live and work in beautiful Valencia. He is a graphical Swiss Army Knife and tries to be a modern renaissance man. Like most hip designers, he rides his single speed and road bikes everywhere. He’s always on the lookout for interesting letters and typography on bike frames to collect.

Customer Support Manager

Julia was born in Berlin and lived in Turin for 5 years. She speaks German, Italian and English and has been working in customer support for 10 years now.

People and Organization Coordinator

Born and raised in the north west of England, Katy has always had a passion for nature and getting outdoors. After university, she took to the road in her campervan to travel through the UK, Europe and Hong Kong, and also worked as a dog-sledding guide in Tromsø, Norway before finding herself back in the UK. She now lives between Cumbria and Northumberland, where both the Pennine Way and Hadrian’s Wall Path are on her doorstep. In her spare time, she is a published author of fantasy adventure novels for teenagers and decompresses by wild swimming, baking, reading books, birdwatching, riding her gravel bike and getting out in the hills with her dogs.

Cycling Community Manager UK

Kell, raised in the beautiful Peak District in the UK, rad mum trying to ride all of the bikes. Gravel or granite, Kell loves just being out in the fresh air on two wheels. On the hunt for some nice flow and a bit of tech on some adrenaline pumping descents and beautiful views. Kell is also usually seen with her trail dog, Bell in hot pursuit. Opting outside for the love of the escapism it offers, meeting awesome folk and banking some sweet memories.


Kelsey is happiest when she’s outside on a trail—regardless of whether she’s biking along a picturesque riverside route, hiking among a web of forest paths, or skiing down a powder-filled run. Born and raised in the United States, she now calls Germany home. Kelsey has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction. She’s passionate about clean writing, exceptional user experiences, and really good coffee.

Brand Copywriter

Growing up on the edge of England’s New Forest National Park, Kit spent her childhood racing cyclo-cross and being coaxed out on wet-weather hikes by her intrepid parents. She well and truly embraced adventure by sailing 20,000 miles double-handed around the Atlantic and Caribbean after university, living on a 32ft boat for three years. When she returned to the UK, she wrote a book about the voyage, took up trail running and triathlon, and rediscovered her love of cycling. She’s also an occasional actor – you can find her in a few low-budget horror films, a Tefal advert and singing in the crowd at the end of Bohemian Rhapsody. She now lives on the border of Dartmoor National Park in the South West of England.

Senior Social Media Manager

Starting to run at a young age, Laurent quickly developed a passion for all outdoor sports. Originally from France, he lived in the United States, worked as a sports journalist for a bit, and has now settled home in the Netherlands. Other passions include shoegaze rock, photography, graphic design, and mid-ride coffee making.

Senior Web Developer

Lukas likes doing everything that has to do with web development from frontend to backend to managing infrastructure in the cloud. He lives in the Rhine-Main region of Germany in Darmstadt where he studied computer science. With the beautiful Odenwald starting right on the outskirts of the city you can often find him on a bike there, doing a run or a swim and sometimes all of that in one day.

Lead Backend Engineer

Raised in a small village with more horses than inhabitants, Lukas moved to Munich to study computer science. Whenever he is not typing on his keyboard, you can find him playing handball, listening to podcasts and hiking the alps.

Editorial Team Lead

Originally from Austria, growing up in the foothills of the Alps, Magdalena has always been an outdoor lover. But after studying Design, she found herself blinded by the city lights, moving to the UK in 2008. When trying to avoid having to pay for public transport in London, she picked up a cheap commuter bike which kick-started her love affair with cycling. As an antidote to an active lifestyle, Magdalena loves to relax drawing and spending time with her partner and their young son at home in Sussex.

iOS Team Lead

Marco grew up in the middle of the Northern Italian Alps. Possessing a curious mind, he always tries to find something new to learn and do. Growing up doing Stop Motion with Legos, he ended up studying Cinema and Media Engineering, a path that lead him to France and Australia, while exploring new amazing things, from Web Engineering, Network and Application Security to iOS Development. A sport junky, Marco likes trying every possible outdoor and indoor experience, but his heart stays in the ocean, surfing the waves 🏄‍ 🌊.

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Small by height, big by heart - that’s Maria (or Maya for friends) in a nutshell. Born and raised in a small town in Slovakia, she has become a global citizen having worked, lived and studied in 8 countries on 3 continents. A former gymnast, Maya is now an untreated travel addict, over the board chocolate indulger and subsequently a proud morning runner. She loves nature, her family, friends and talking to interesting people in general. She is an HR ninja, trained from NGOs, Startups as well as big multinational corporations. In Komoot she is responsible for finding and hiring other adventurous fools. In her free time you can find her discovering yet another place/country, writing in her journal or upcycling fabrics into eco - friendly backpacks.

Senior Product Designer

Marius is a designer from the south of Germany. When he’s not resizing browser windows, you’ll most probably find him outside on a bike.

Senior Routing Engineer

Born and living in beautiful but small Maribor, Marko studied computer science at FERI. At a young age, he fell in love with Linux and OSM and has been hooked ever since. A committed cyclist, Marko uses his bike as his primary mode of transportation, no matter the weather. He enjoys mountain cycling near Pohorje or long distance cycling on his recumbent bicycle, but during winter you’ll also find him on cross-country or alpine skis.

Co-Founder, CEO

Markus might have spent more time on skis, his road bike and his mountain bike crossing the Alps, than he spent at school. At university, he shifted his ambition to physics, materials science and data analysis. When his passion for outdoor activities and love for data-driven solutions resulted in komoot's founding, he abandoned his PhD to start the company with his friends. Markus focuses on komoot's strategy, legal and financial concerns. When he's not at the office, you can find Markus hiking with his kids and girlfriend in the Bavarian Alps.

Senior Backend Engineer

Living in rainy northern Germany he is not as grumpy as the typical Northerner (also he can be if necessary). Martin likes camping and multi-day bike trips with his family and friends. He is one of those strange developers that actually likes doing front- and backend work equally - nobody really knows why. Give him a fascinating bug and he might disappear for a while and come back with a lengthy and heroic story about what happened and how he finally solved it.

Senior Routing Engineer

Martin has a passion for maps and navigation, both professionally and in his spare time. In his past career he has worked on various products involving navigation and outdoor activities, and now at Komoot he gets to combine those two. In his spare time he likes to go hiking, geocaching, sports climbing and (as of more recently) scuba diving.

Marketing Manager France

Born and raised in the countryside, Mathias only learned to ride a bike at the late age of 10. Now he is a dedicated lover of long-distance rides. A former music journalist living in Paris, he works as a freight bike courier in his spare time. He’s a runner, a video game player, a sci-fi lover, a dreamer and an outside lover.

Product Manager - Growth

Mathijs grew up in the Noordoostpolder the Netherlands, and was trained in riding his bike in a straight lines with continuous head winds. He is currently living just outside the city of Utrecht where he can be found riding some of the most beautiful gravel tours in the country. While riding his bike he is always on the lookout for historical elements For the past 6 years he has helped grow the largest e-commerce company in the Netherlands and Belgium. He is now using that experience to help Komoot grow and help more people to explore. When not working he likes to spend time away from screens by going outside. Either by riding his road or gravel bike, playing tennis, hiking and snowboarding or taking care of his (vegetable) garden.

Senior Analytics Engineer

Raised in the industrial heartland of the UK, Matt now spends his days exploring the forests and valleys of rural Luxembourg. Constantly searching for excuses to learn and apply new Data Science tools and techniques, Matt started out in Finance analytics and moved into progressively more technical roles. His special skill is working with the business to translate loosely defined business problems into questions that can actually be answered with data.

Senior iOS Developer

Matthias grew up in Potsdam and wrote his first programs in BASIC in the '90s. After studying in Brandenburg/Havel he started working in the field of geo-informatics in Potsdam. During this time he also picked up Java, groovy and iOS development skills. He joined komoot in 2012.

Senior Sales Manager

Max is a full-blood mountain biker born in the South-East of Bavaria, where he spent most of his free time in the bikepark close by. After finishing his Economics MSc. in Innsbruck he worked for a Swiss bike-startup and later for a publisher in the field of bike magazines. Now he lives close to lake Chiemsee with his girlfriend and enjoys his roadbike almost as much as his Enduro bike. He loves freeride skiing, SUP and hiking. But he also loves to talk about investment strategies or other economic questions.

Community Manager - Spain

I was born in Mexico city but as soon as I could, I moved to somewhere where I could bike. My dream was to become a professional athlete, so I dedicated more than 25 years to that dream and have gone pro in swimming, cycling, skiing, triathlon, paracycling and paratriathlon. On my bike, I started on the road, then moved to the mountains, and now am in love with gravel. I love doing sports outside and discovering new places. I’ve moved all over the world, but have been settled in my home in Spain for more than a decade.

Managing Editor – Sponsored Collections

Originally from Paris (or a tiny Indian Ocean island if you dig further), Melina has found happiness putting down roots in Barcelona where she enjoys touring the seaside, mountains and surrounding natural wonders whenever possible. A city girl with a serious case of wanderlust, she has spent most of her marketing career in the travel industry. When not working, she also enjoys rollerblading, reading fantasy books and exploring home decor & fashion- ping her for hiking style tips ;) Melina joined komoot as a Managing Editor, bringing her creativity and love of Content Management to the Sponsored Collections.

People and Organization Manager

Nati is from Spain but she grew up in Switzerland, where she discovered her passion for outdoors while skiing, hiking and biking in the Swiss Mountains. Now she lives in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, with her family. Since she graduated in Labour Relations she worked in the HR field for different companies and sectors, always involving technology, change management and professional development projects. She understands the HR function as a strategic member of organisations and as a guide to help people find their best professional path. In her free time, she is probably hiking with her family and friends at the seaside or enjoying a ride with her MTB.

Senior Performance Marketing Manager

Numbers, weird abbreviations and a hint of creativity - that’s Nina’s daily business as Performance Marketing Manager. Day in and day out, she thinks about how to bring the product into the world. Nina's biggest passion is traveling. She has already seen a fair bit of the world but staying curious is one of her mantras. Exploring different countries has just increased her love for the outdoors as she prefers to discover new places either by foot or bike. Currently living in Frankfurt, Germany, she likes to escape the big city hustle on the weekends, either on her mountain bike or hiking, exploring the beautiful surroundings such as the Spessart or the Odenwald.

Director User & Partner Success

Nouran has a colourful background and has lived in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, England, before landing in German countryside (for now!). Passionate about online communities, she contributed to several non-profit orgs and projects before moving into the corporate world, where her focus was in support and management. She spends much of her free time outside: hiking, gardening, training her dog, and stopping her baby from catching bees.

Senior Sales and Partnership Manager

Oliver grew up in the southern part of Germany, and started from a young age, to explore the nature and mountains around his hometown. After finishing his studies in Business Engineering, Oliver lived for several years in Mexico, South-Africa and Spain, where he discovered his passion for being in the water. Today he is based in Berlin, but loves to escape the city, with his campervan, to find the best spots for mountain biking, diving, surfing and snowboarding.

Managing Editor Routes

I was born in Argentina and since I was a kid I enjoyed traveling, back then around the country with my family and as a grown up expanded the boundaries around the world. I have always been into sports and the outdoors and I am always ready for an adventure. I’m a bit (to not say too much) addicted to dulce de leche, cheese and peanut butter (and cracking peanuts while having a pint is kinda my thing ;)) My professional background is civil engineering and construction management. In 2021 I decided to quit my job as engineer and took some time off to travel and that’s when I started using Komoot which helped me reconnect with my passion for the outdoors. After living and working in Argentina, US, Uruguay, The Netherlands and several countries around EU, together with my girlfriend we moved to Spain (Valencia) in 2020. Since July 2022 I’ve been working as route Editor for EU and now I’m joining this amazing and inspiring team.

Lead Quality Assurance

Born and raised in Coimbra, Pedro was always looking for activities to do outdoors and connect with nature. He’s a big fan of football and he was also a football player in his youth. On a visit to the Azores, Pedro fell in love with nature and hiking, and hiking has become his favorite free-time activity ever since. His mission at komoot is to ensure everything works and delights users!

Senior Data Analyst

Peter was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. He studied Behavioural Economics in Amsterdam and because of his love for technology and math, he became a Data Scientist/Analyst. He tries to commute by bike everywhere, run every week in the city and on the trail when he can. His dearest passions are skiing and windsurfing.

Product Manager

Philipp was born in Nuremberg and grew up together with three siblings. He completed his M. Sc. in International Management whilst completing a project at Deutsche Telekom. Later, he moved to Hamburg and started working as a project manager for different product development departments within the TV & video business, where he honed his skills in product management. He is keen to archive a deep understanding of problems of any kind and loves to find the right solution together with his team. Philipp spends his spare time climbing, skiing, running and cycling — or basically doing any sports that make him sweat.

Senior Data Analyst

I grew up with an urban way of life, before I married a nature & mountain lover. We enjoy hiking, biking & yoga-ing anywhere the wind leads us. CS & Management degrees, experiences as Data Analyst/Scientist in gaming/ecommerce and a pinch of common sense is my secret potion to transform dusty rows of data into valuable information. When I have some time left, I stream how I solve algorithmic puzzles on Twitch, along with my cat Dijkstra who always finds the shortest path to her food.

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Rebecca was born and raised in the south of Germany. She spent her childhood days hiking in the Black Forest or in the mountains of Austria. As she got older, she started traveling the world, always looking for new adventures and inspiring people. Whether on a bike, on foot, or in the water, she loves trying out new sports.

People & Organization Coordinator

Originally from France, Remi has spent the past 6 years in Ireland, exploring the beautiful land where the rain never stops! Addicted to outdoor sports, especially ultra trail running, he loves to spend hours in the wild fighting elevation gain and sleep deprivation. Now living in the French Alps, running on a vegetarian engine, he intends to train harder and to discover more magical places.

Managing Editor - Sponsored Collections

Renée was born in Portugal but grew up in Germany. From a very young age on she felt drawn to the mountains and nowadays preferably spends her time hiking narrow trails, climbing in- and outside and just generally enjoying the outdoors. According to the popular saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!” she doesn't mind wind, rain or snow and feels most comfortable in the most secluded mountain areas in Norway. After a year as freelance outdoor editor she joined the komoot family in 2022 to ensure the highest quality of cycling and hiking collections.

Senior Data Scientist

Born and raised in South Africa, Renier has an MSc in Math Stats and several years industry experience building algorithms, ML models and data products, and generally pondering puzzles of probability. His love for the outdoors started young, accompanying his dad on fishing trips, and it quickly grew into foundational roots as he adventured ever deeper into the mountains and wilderness areas outside Cape Town. His happy place is in nature - hiking, trail running, kayaking or scuba diving. The rest of the time you can find him in Berlin, exploring the urban jungle, but often running up and down the small Victoriapark hill pretending he is in the mountains.

Team Lead Product Management

From Amsterdam to Istanbul, Ushuaia to Santiago & Georgia to Sydney. Rob is a fanatic bikepacker who is always in for an adventure. Originally trained in business and finance, Rob made the switch to digital product management early in his career. In the past he has worked on many different products ranging from personal development tools to public transport apps and airport wayfinding maps. At Komoot Rob works on the Map, Routing & Navigation making sure our users have the best outdoor experience in the world without getting lost.

Marketing Manager

Rob comes from Bristol in the UK and, for as long as he can remember, has been riding bikes. After years (and years) of working in the Hospitality industry, his passion for two wheels brought him into the cycling media world, where he’s previously worked across some of the key UK titles. When not working (and sometimes for work) you’ll most likely find him seeking mini bikepacking adventures or looking for any opportunity to disappear into the hills.

Senior Backend Engineer

Born in the city of Lille, Rodrigue grew up in the Pas de Calais region of France - between farmland, cattle fields and the sea. Going back to the city to study computer science he then decided to go abroad for his Master’s. Studying in Dublin, he fell under the spell and started working there as a software engineer. Little did he know he would end up staying for 12 years, putting aside a six months backpacking adventure in South America that started his interest for hiking. In 2017, once his tolerance for rainy summers reached its limit, he moved to Madrid where he has learnt to appreciate tapas, weak cold beer, the Madrid mountain and sweltering summers. Aside from backend and data engineering, he is interested in music, politics, football and the environment, you can find him running in the park, exploring the Sierra by foot, practicing the guitar, or trying to raise awareness about the causes and consequences of climate change.

Marketing Manager

I was born in the Netherlands and grew up in an adventurous family of five kids. We travelled the world and lived in Singapore, Curacao and Australia before settling in New Zealand. At 22 I returned to my home country and studied brand management in Amsterdam. After a few years in fashion and theatre I decided to quit my office job for a life with more freedom. I started cycling every day and realised I had found my calling. I live in a small house in Amersfoort with my partner and our dog Lola. We own the two bouldering gyms in Amersfoort, and are lucky to have beautiful natural surroundings and great cycle paths in every direction. I’m an avid rock climber and love combining climbing rocks with riding my gravel bike to explore new regions.

Senior Analytics Engineer

Born and raised in Italy, in a small village near Bergamo once surrounded by fields, Rossella spent most of her adult life in London, with a stint in the Azores when trying to run from the city. She is now exploring and breathing the countryside in her motherland around Mount Etna, in Sicily. A curious person at heart, she started out asking questions and seeking answers as an anthropologist and found her passion in data. Her favourite activity is to venture down countless rabbit holes to resurface with solutions.

Senior Web Developer

A Fifer at heart now living in Glasgow, a web developer of 8 years. I enjoy long distance hiking, climbing, snowboarding and mountain biking (the steeper the better!) around the Scottish Highlands and beyond.

Brand Designer

Born and raised in Bogotá, Santiago studied design in his home country, and immediately after obtaining his degree, he started discovering the world. He has lived and worked in Colombia, Spain, Italy, and France, where he currently resides. After several years of working in the furniture and luxury industries in northern Italy, he has decided to dive into the world of nature and adventure.

Product Manager

Seán is living the van life in Sweden, searching out boulders to climb, forests to bike, and mountains to snowboard. Always fascinated with exploration, he studied informatics and artificial intelligence at The University of Edinburgh where he specialised in the development of autonomous exploration robots. For the past eight years Seán has helped companies adopt cutting-edge technology for automation and human computer interfaces. He is now applying the same knowledge to help humans explore the world around them!

Managing Editor

After growing up in the urban area of the Ruhr and studying media technology in Cologne, Sebastian moved to Berlin. Exploring the hustle and bustle of the German capital for a few years, he rediscovered his nature-loving heart. Camping and hiking became a growing part of his life and, together with his wife, he walked many trails in Europe, USA and even Japan – his beloved Fuji camera always around his neck. He joined komoot in 2019 to help ensure the highest quality of cycling and hiking collections.

Data Analyst

Simon grew up in Dublin and fell in love with the freedom that cycling brought him. After a few years of road racing he discovered bikepacking; now you’ll find him at his happiest on a mountainous gravel road with panniers strapped to his bike. Simon’s background is in Theoretical Physics and Data Analytics. He loves to unlock the stories hidden in data, especially if those insights can be used to help more people have epic outdoor experiences. Before joining komoot he had already been on cycling adventures in 13 different countries and plans to keep increasing that number.

Senior Data Analyst

Steph is from the west coast of Scotland, where she developed a love of the outdoors from a young age. She has a background in psychology and neuroscience and is particularly interested in how humans interact with tech. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, cycling (mostly offroad!), bikepacking, camping, and exploring Scotland with her beloved dog Archie. She wanted to join Komoot so she can combine her love of coding, data, and the outdoors to work on a product that helps people have adventures.

Brand Manager

Stephanie’s heart beats for rocks, roots, trails, and the mountains. She can be found out in nature at every opportunity, whether on one wheel, two wheels, carrying two tine feet or with two hands on the rock face. When she can’t be outside, Stephanie is probably reading or writing and dreaming up the next adventure.

Senior Quality Assurance

Steven was born in the South of England but spent many of his childhood years living in Cyprus chasing lizards, snakes, bugs and anything else that moved. Now happily married with 2 children living in Ireland his time is spent exploring the Mourne Mountains either on foot or by mountain bike. At Komoot, Steven is part of the QA team and spends his time hunting for bugs of a different kind!

Senior Finance Manager

Having exhausted the suburban US lifestyle, Tania moved to Germany in 2018 to bring her finance and accounting background to the Berlin startup scene. After completing her first multi-day bike ride from Vienna to Budapest on a city bike with a flat tire, she's all too painfully aware of the consequences of underpreparing for long bike trips. Since then, she has been upgrading her gear (though the city bike stays) and exploring new routes across the continent.

Senior Backend Developer

Thorben is from the picturesque north-west of Germany. Growing up, Thorben discovered his passion for tinkering, which extended beyond bike parts and metal tools; he also developed a love for computers at an early age. This knack for both technology and craftsmanship guided his path towards a PhD in computer simulation. When Thorben is not immersed in algorithms and models, you'll find him embarking on cycling adventures that have taken him from the sun-soaked mountains of Spain to the vibrant streets of China and even the remote, icy realms of the Arctic.

Senior Security Engineer

Tim is originally from Germany but now lives in Switzerland to be closer to the Alps. On the weekends you can usually find him somewhere in the mountains. Whether it is climbing or running in the summer or ski mountaineering in the winter, he tries to spend as much time outside as possible. During the week Tim does everything he can to keep the data you intrust us secure.

Senior Sales & Partnership Manager

Timmy is a true all-rounder and outdoor enthusiast. After studying sports & economics, he advised companies at a major Swiss bank, then moved on to the tourism industry and managed mountain bike projects. Timmy spent the first 40 years of his life in the lowlands of Switzerland. After finishing his sports career as an ice hockey player, he and his wife realized a long-awaited dream and moved to the mountains. They now live on a little farm just outside Davos. When Timmy is not milking his neighbor’s lovely cows, you will most likely meet him on bike ride or a ski tour.

Managing Editor

Based in a small town in the middle of the Heckengäu next to the Black Forest, the outdoors were always just one footstep away for Tobi. But his true passion for bicycle trips startet, when he cycled for the first time to the south of France and then to Spain in 2013. Since then it was more likely to find him somewhere in southwestern Europe with his new buddy Alfred – the name of his bike – than in his proper four walls. The work on his travel blog finally brought him closer to writing about his adventures in a professional way. So he decided to apply for some editorial work at komoot in 2020 and is now happy to take care of the development and the quality of the inspiring outdoor collections.

Co-Founder, Marketing

Raised in the Austrian alps, Tobias loves the mountains, hiking, skiing and climbing. While studying mechanical engineering in Munich, he saw himself as more of an entrepreneur than a gear and motor nerd. Soon he made the move to Berlin and truly enjoys helping people have great outdoor experiences.

Product Manager

Originally from the Lake District in the North of England, Tom currently lives in Bristol so he can be close to the UK's best surf spots whilst still enjoying the city’s growing tech scene. His prized possession is his VW campervan called Veldred, who takes him and his girlfriend on mini adventures. He loves the outdoors and likes nothing more than to go trail running, gravel biking or snowboarding with his pals before coming home and drinking a well earned beer.

Senior Developer

Software developer from Czech Republic who likes to think about the product from the beginning and to experiment with novel user interfaces (multi touch and gesture input, smart watch apps). Interested in human computer interaction, user experience and UI design. Studied the informatics on Charles University and a Computer Graphics on CTU in Prague. Former C# developer and Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional, now focusing on a Garmin Connect IQ platform. Avid mountain biker (trail, enduro), loves hiking in the mountains on small islands just with a backpack and a tent.

People & Organization Director

Tommaso has spent the last decade living and working across the United States, Canada, and Europe, splitting his time between his three main passions: people, technology, and the great outdoors. He is motivated by helping global teams communicate and work effectively across cultures, leadership development, business, coaching, and digital transformation in the talent space. When he's not working, you might find him skiing in the Dolomites, paddleboarding in his Italian hometown, or writing his Executive MBA capstone project in a Parisian co-working space, with an espresso macchiato on his side.

Senior Backend Engineer

Tue is a software engineer from Copenhagen, Denmark. He got his MSc in computer science from UCPH in 2016 and has since worked at a number of Copenhagen-based scale-ups. He specializes in delivering production-grade software and loves to come up with simple solutions for complex problems. Tue is a road-cyclist-turned-gravel-rider and when he is not working he is almost always out riding. Tue is often accompanied by his better half and their daughter, exploring the flat but beautiful Danish landscape by bike.

Analytics Lead

Valentin grew up near the mountains but lost his heart to Berlin. He enjoys long bike trips, trying to keep up with his kids (they win). With a PhD in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, his passion lies at the intersection of human behavior and data. For more than 6 years he's been working on mobile apps to create unforgettable real-life experiences.

Senior Android Developer

Grown up in a Russian village and not fascinated by the rural lifestyle, since his childhood Vladimir dreamt about living a big city life and making video games – and after getting a degree in computer science his career led him to the lovely giant village called Frankfurt. Disappointed by the gaming industry at large, after a short venture of working as a gaming journalist and a book translator in 2017 Vladimir became an Android developer – and remained a passionate gamer and an avid cyclist.

Senior Quality Assurance

Born and raised in a rural village in Belgium, Willem always yearned for the outdoors. Taking numerous camping and hiking trips throughout his teens and twenties. After a season of building hiking trails in USA’s national parks and after backpacking across Australia, Willem met “the one” and settled down in Belgium. He now enjoys vacations in the mountains with his girlfriend and son. After losing quite some weight and hence retiring as a rugby forward, he aspires to run an ultra trail (race) someday (needs a lot of training still). After getting his master’s degree in communication, Willem quickly reoriented towards tech, first by taking an extensive course in embedded systems followed by several jobs as a QA engineer for web and mobile apps. Willem loves exploring and learning (about) new things.