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Pioneers Reveal the Outdoor’s Best Spots—One Highlight at a Time

Experts at Discovering Something New

Pioneers are the explorers that lie at the heart of komoot. Ordinary people with an extraordinary curiosity, they adventure for the sake of discovery—and they’ll keep exploring until they experience it all. They tour the great outdoors with komoot at their side—and they share the expertise they gain, one Highlight at a time.


Pioneer for hiking in Stirling Council, Fife and South Hams.

Real People

Pioneers are real people with a passion for showcasing their favorite outdoor spots: No paid editors, photographers or pro athletes. They are just normal people with an extraordinary passion—the kind of people money can’t buy.

Hiking Highlight from Brian

Real Adventures

Pioneers go outdoors purely to satisfy their own curiosity. They do it for the fun of it; for the thrill of the adventure. And with nothing but a passion for exploration and komoot to guide them, they reveal nature’s best spots—one Highlight at a time.

Take any of the side roads off this main road, and you will find yourself deep in the Epping woods. There are plenty of hiking trails, and tracks to ride if your on either a CX or mountain bike. It is easy to feel like your a million miles away from London while exploring this area.

Tip from Laura for the Highlight Epping forest

Real Experts

Pioneers learn by doing, and as a komoot Pioneer they’ve done it all. They venture into the wild and return with a roadmap; a list of the outdoor’s best spots. They then share their expertise on komoot so others can experience their Highlights, too.

Hand-Picked Highlights

Highlights are the product of exploration; places the whole world deserves to see. Pioneers always endeavour to discover the best: They find the most beautiful Highlights every time they go outside—and they share their expertise on these spots to help others experience them, too.

An Exclusive, International Club

To be a Pioneer is to be recognized as one of the outdoor’s most inspiring people. It’s to be granted access to invite-only events and insider giveaways. And it’s to stand proud as a member of the komoot Pioneers Club, the world’s most prestigious rollcall of everyday adventurers.

Some Pioneers We Love:

uNick Adventures

View Profile

Nick loves exploring by bike. Regardless of whether the adventure is small or big, he's always keen to share the stories from these adventures to inspire others.

Whether by bike or by foot, Jiddo is often out exploring the local countryside in Sweden. As an amateur photographer, he likes to capture and share his discoveries with others.

Gordon Shanghai

Gordon started cycling in Germany during the pandemic, but now uses his two-wheels to explore Shanghai and the surrounding landscapes.

Karin is always out exploring on her feet. She uses komoot to discover beautiful spots in new places as she hikes around Switzerland, Germany and beyond, recommending the Highlights to the world.

Meet all of the Pioneers

How Do I Get Started?

To become a Pioneer, all you’ve got to do is exercise your curiosity, get out there and explore the great outdoors. Just don’t forget to tell the tale of your adventure afterwards, one Highlight at a time.

Record an Adventure

However you choose to explore, get outside and record your next adventure—and share photos of your Tour with the community.

Hiking Highlight from Brian

Recommend the Best Places

Log the best Highlights along a given route, and upload beautiful photos and insightful tips to inspire others to check them out, too.

What makes a great Highlight?

  • A good, descriptive name
  • Detailed, insightful tips
  • Beautiful, inspiring photos

Get Recognized by the Community

Good photos and tips lead to upvotes—the best lead to Pioneer status. Upload awesome content that the community will love.

Become a Pioneer

Once you get the most upvotes in your region, you’ll become the Pioneer— and you’ll get the golden badge to prove it.

What makes a great Pioneer?

  • Sharing the best spots as Highlights for the world to see
  • Writing the most insightful tips
  • Providing the most beautiful photos
  • Voting on others’ tips and photos

Ready to Join the Pioneers Club?

For Earth’s most beautiful places to be put on the map, they first have to be visited by someone like you. So, explore your region, reveal its top spots—and prove you’re a komoot Pioneer.

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    Record your first Tour and upload photos
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    Save your favorite spots as Highlights
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