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Create With Purpose

We love Tech. We love Nature. We work hard to make it easy for everyone to explore the world’s most beautiful places. Today, millions of people explore nature with our apps. Their experiences are what drive us and make us smile everyday. Everybody at komoot is working towards this vision, and we design our company to put as little as possible between you and your work to bring this vision to life.

It’s fun to work on a product which enables people to experience real world adventures.


Android Developer

Best In Class

  • Komoot inspires more than 35 million users to explore more of the great outdoors.
  • To this day, our apps have received more than 300,000 five-star reviews – and counting!
  • We’ve been awarded Editor's Choice and App of the Year multiple times by both Apple and Google.
  • We’ve been the official Launch Partner for several Apple, Google, and Samsung Devices and Services and continue to work with the world's best brands.

Current Openings


Financial Accountant (Junior)

We’re looking for an outstanding german speaking Financial Accountant to join Andrew and Tania in our accounting team. You’ll get exposure to and be responsible for various parts of the accounting process. High attention to detail and understanding the numbers, such as prepayments and accruals, is key. You’ll also have the opportunity to make meaningful improvements to our accounting processes and will be able to see how the outcome of your work directly contributes to the financial statements. Ready for ...

Senior Backend Engineer (Data Science)

Join a brand new, motivated team of four to develop algorithms that generate Tours users can take as templates for their outdoor adventures. With our extensive utilization of user-generated content, we extract and distill the knowledge of the outdoor community to create these templates algorithmically. We’re leading the field with our novel approach and with your help we’ll take it to the next level. Do you like to submerge yourself in difficult problems (and this is really difficult, we promise) ...

Senior Software Quality Assurance

You’ve got a head for processes and an eye for detail, and you love being the first to test new features in the wild. As a member of komoot’s Quality Assurance team, you'll play a key role in delivering new, bug-free features to our users worldwide. We work in cross-functional squads, so you’ll work with a range of people from product managers and designers to developers and data analysts to test and bring new features into the world. You’ll help ...

Team Lead Copy & Localization

At komoot, we believe our copywriting has the power to inspire and enable millions of people for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime. With clear and engaging UX copy, we help people to find, plan, and navigate their routes. With our versatile marketing copy, we inspire people on social media, in newsletters, ads, magazines, and blogs. We always aim to deliver industry-leading copy, not only in English but also in 11 further languages and dialects. As our Team Lead Copy ...

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Working At Komoot

Work Wherever You Thrive

While our headquarters sits in Potsdam, Germany, right on the shores of a beautiful lake, our team is spread out all over Europe. The big city? The mountains? A little house on the river? You are grown up! We don't feel the need to babysit anybody, and we believe that only you know best which environments let you thrive. That's why we will support you 100% to work fully remotely, be that in one of our offices, a co-working space or from home — anywhere that's located between the timezones UTC-01:00 to UTC+03:00. All of our tools are in the cloud and weekly video catch-up calls come naturally to us.

You will have freedom to define when, how and where to work, and that’s one of many reasons that will make you happy here.


iOS Developer

Grow Together and Embracing Our Curiosity

Komoot values exploring in every sense of the word – from finding new adventures out in the wild, to fostering our curiosity to keep learning. To stay close as a team, we all travel to amazing outdoor places several times a year. We exchange ideas, learn, and go for hikes and rides. Kicking off spring in Mallorca? Winter in the Alps? That's where we grow together. To keep our curiosity fire-stocked on a personal level, every komoot team member gets allocated dedicated time and budget to spend on classes, events, conferences, bootcamps or books of their choice.

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Work With People You Actually Want To Work With

Komoot hires the best folks to do what they love. That means selecting inspiring people who are experts in what they do, and who you will actually want to go on a hike or grab a beer with. Work alongside passionate outdoor folks from all over the globe, who are as enthusiastic about the outdoors as they are about creating.

You are working with experts in their individual fields. I never experienced such an interest and trust for the work of team mates.


Sales Manager

The Komoot Manifesto

Some values we live by every day. Here's how we make outdoor exploration a reality.


We are builders & makers. We measure our own success by how impactful our work is. We put the user first. Always. We don't do things just to do them, we do the right things to deliver maximum impact.


We hire people who are experts at what they do, and we give them the freedom to do it. With great freedom comes great responsibility. We consider the long view and effects on company and colleagues. Who's the boss? You. Everybody. Our users.


Communication is all about understanding each other and talking is just the beginning. We share our ideas and learn from one another each and every day. We listen to our users and each other to solve problems that matter. We share ideas, learnings, and feedback with openness and clarity.


We love to learn. And we champion curiosity. No matter what our field of expertise, we're always asking questions. Data scientists, copywriters, and developers work alongside each other to solve problems for real outdoor fans.


We’re constantly improving. Some of us are real optimization nerds. We take nothing for granted and constantly strive for the best. We don't believe in repetitive work, that's why we don't have a structure for it. Repetitive work is for machines... and we’re not robots.

Your Future Partners In Crime

Team members having a blast

Filled with data nerds and outdoor fans, the komoot team enables modern explorers to do what they do best: get active outdoors.

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